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Hubl Habit Fitness -- September Program


8 WEEK CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS FOUNDATION -- IF YOU ARE NEW TO WORKING OUT, START HERE - STRUCTURED DAILY WORKOUTS - HIGH INTENSITY FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - STRENGTH TRAINING - PILATES - PROGRESSIVE FORMAT - PREPARATION FOR THE MONTHLY WORKOUTS TO COME Hubl Habit is a fitness program focusing on improving cardiovascular health by employing multiple exercise modalities. This program has been strategically organized to be performed on a daily basis in order to encourage strong habit formation. The Hubl Habit fitness program is: Cardiovascular training using high intensity intervals which is essential to condition the heart muscle and prevent many of the common cardiac conditions that develop from the lack of moderate to high intensity physical activity. Strength training for maintaining muscle mass and bone density. Pilates for muscle elasticity, core strength and overall flexibility and mobility. Hubl Habit combines the elements of all three modalities -- improving cardiovascular function and aerobic capacity, increasing bone density and maintaining balance, flexibility and mobility. This foundation program is a great intro into the Hubl Habit workout format. Upon completion of the foundation program you are ready to jump in to the current months workout plan and progress into higher levels of fitness, strength, flexibility and stamina. Make the commitment to your health. One program, one mission . . . sustainable cardiovascular health.


Hubl Habit Nutrition, $5.00/month

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