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what is hubl habit?

80% of cardiovascular disease is PREVENTABLE  with consistent physical activity and proper nutrition. 

The goal of Hubl Habit is to provide a systematic approach to sustainable cardiovascular health. Hubl Habit utilizes a structured, whole body fitness program in combination with a flexible plant based nutrition plan. 

The continual nature of this program helps to instill the ritual of daily physical activity while utilizing efficient exercise sessions that can be performed at home with minimal equipment. 

The fitness program employs the use of high intensity functional training which combines aerobic training, circuit training, weight training and Pilates. The Hubl Habit fitness program has been strategically curated into manageable daily sessions to develop a consistent routine.  

The nutritional aspect of the Hubl Habit program emphasizes an anti-inflammatory, predominantly plant based nutrition plan.  According the American Heart Association - adopting a predominantly plant based diet has been clinically proven to help prevent -- and in some cases reverse -- the effects of cardiovascular disease.   

Hubl Habit plant based recipes come with myfitnesspal integration so you can track your calories and macros.

The goal of Hubl Habit is to instill a daily ritual that becomes automatic. With Hubl Habit everything is done for you -- from the fitness programming to easy heart healthy recipes -- so that you can develop unbreakable, heart healthy habits. 

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